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I've been wanting to write a blog about my experiences for a while, but never did get around to it.
I've finally decided to sit down and sort it all out, so i'll start at the beginning, and add some blog entries from my diary.
Apologies if some entries are long, and also written in different tenses - it depends when I actually wrote them!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

More July - Psychologist visit - am I really mad?!

13th July saw my first visit to the Psychologist at Preston Hospital, in the Oncology Depertment.
She says i'm handling the illness really well, and all I need help with is my tablet taking. I'll be seeing her approx every 3 weeks (at the hospice where I go to day care), for cognitive therapy, as she says I have a phobia - which is true now I think about it!

Daycare on Thursday was good, I had my hair cut a little shorter (it's just above my shoulders now), as it's still falling out, I had some reflexology, I made a card for my Mum, and made some more friends!

22nd July was my appointment with 'Dr Bloor', the 'Blood Doctor'.
He explained why they do the Stem Cell Transplant, and why it will be a good thing for me to have it.
He said I will be in hospital for around a month when they do it, and I will grow to hate him, cos it really does make you feel crap when you have the high dose chemo.
After I am out, it will then take me a few months to recover.
They are hoping to harvest my stem cells around 10th August, hopefully it will only take 1 session, but it can take up to 3. It takes about 4 hours to harvest them.

27th July
I had my Central Line put in today, then went for chemo. This all went ok, the line went in fine, didn't hurt, although my neck was a little stiff from keeping my head to the side for 45 mins!

28th July
Felt sick, and had a raised temperature, so rang Christies, who told me to go to my nearest A&E.
They decided to keep me in......refused to use my central line, and instead took 7 attempts at taking blood (one from my groin!!!) and getting a cannula in!

29th July
Doctor has said I need an x-ray, and some swabs taken from my central line, to check for infection.
Doctor seemed to forget she had said this, and absolutely nothing was done today.

30th July
x-ray this morning, and the cultures this evening - the doctor had forgotton about me (she admitted to this).
After they took blood from my line - she refused to flush it, saying it didn't need to! This line goes into my heart - it needs flushing! Eventually she said she would send a nurse to flush it - this happened about 7 hours later, and the blood in my line had already started to clot!

The nurse also re-dressed my wounds from the central line (1 exit site where the line is, and one wound with a stitch on my neck).
She has used dressings that are used when you have a cannula in your arm!
I had to tell her how to place the line (It has to have a loop in it). It's also supposed to have a waterproof dressing on - not a small plaster thing for a cannula!
Good job the district nurse is coming on Monday - but also means I can't have a shower cos the dressing is split in 2 (on purpose), and the split is right over where the wound is!!

Can you tell I didn't have a nice stay yet....?.....

Luckily I was put in a side room - not so lucky they leave the 'night light' on all night......I called it the 'bright light'
Also, not so lucky for me, the man in the next room was dying.......and the rooms have paper thin walls.
Although I did feel really sorry for the wasn't nice for me - he slept most of the day, and was awake all night - coughing, choking, shouting, being abusive to nurses...........he was shouting the same thing for about 10 mins, then went on to shout something else "Nurse, Nurse, Nurse" "I'm hungry, i'm hungry, i'm hungry"...etc......
I got 3 hours sleep at night

The conclusion of what was wrong with me.......NOTHING.
I had a high temperature, and they gave me antibiotics just in case.
Just glad to be back home, my Puppyhas missed me!!

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