My History

I've been wanting to write a blog about my experiences for a while, but never did get around to it.
I've finally decided to sit down and sort it all out, so i'll start at the beginning, and add some blog entries from my diary.
Apologies if some entries are long, and also written in different tenses - it depends when I actually wrote them!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Day -7

So we arrived just before 2pm, and got shown to my room – not a bad size, with a small but decent quality TV (with freeview and a DVD player), a couple of chairs for visitors, on-suite/wet room (do I make it sound posh?), ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ hatches for things coming in and out of the room, and also a separate room that people will use to come in and out of my room, where they will wash their hands and apron up before entering.

Unpacked (my 9 pairs of PJs) and put everything in its new ‘home’, and then did a lot of sitting and waiting – but we’re used to that!

I was weighed (56.2kg), had my obs done (blood pressure slightly low as always), bloods taken, had an ECG and an x-ray, did MRSA swabs, and gave ‘samples’.
Obs will be done every 4 hours – 2am, 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm (approx).

Did a lot more sitting around, ate tea, and finally my first chemo came (Fludarabine) along with a blood thinning injection, plus the nurse and lots of paper work.
I got given a plan of the next 108 days – today is Day -7 [and counting?!], and asked a million and one questions – and got some answers!

10:30pm and a panic attack later [drugs related, as usual] I’ve just got the password for the internet, but I still don’t know if we have been allocated any accommodation for my visitors.
I keep asking, but now because of the time, it won’t be until tomorrow that I find out – thats if the night staff remember to pass the info onto the morning staff......


  1. Thinking of you, Heather - and hoping all goes well xx

  2. Hey, I hope all goes well for you.
    Paula xx