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I've been wanting to write a blog about my experiences for a while, but never did get around to it.
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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Chemo, Transplants and TMI

Today was my appointment with 'The Transplant Doctor' (as I like to call him).
I saw him last year when I was supposed to have my transplant, but obviously that all went tits up, so I was there again today.

He just went through everything again - but obviously this time it was geared around an Allogenic SCT, rather than an Autologous transplant.
He told me the risks, the hospital stay, the chemo, the blood tests, the recovery times, and he also explained in more simple terms how the transplant works.

IF (thats a big if) the chemotherapy works enough for me to have the transplant (tumours need at least a 50% response), then I will have the transplant quite soon after - so if things go smoothly (do they ever for me?), we are probably looking around x-mas time.

Recovery time for an Allogenic SCT is about 12 that plus Chemo time in a few weeks we are talking minimum of 15 months.

There isn't even a big chance of it all working......but it's this route or nothing.


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  1. have been through so much already and although I know it doesn't help, but at least they can offer you some treatment to try to kick it's arse!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed all of the time.

    Lots of Love,