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I've been wanting to write a blog about my experiences for a while, but never did get around to it.
I've finally decided to sit down and sort it all out, so i'll start at the beginning, and add some blog entries from my diary.
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Monday, 12 July 2010

Prison - Day 7

I knew the weekend would be bad, but this bad......I didn’t expect.
Firstly, if I was going home tomorrow, I really think I would discharge myself. Theres no way I could stand another day of being treated like crap.
Yesterday (Saturday) my breathing and chest was bad, and the doctor who came round said I should go on a nebuliser, using Salbutamol. The nurse came into my room at 3:30ish and set it up, showing me where to put the liquid, and how to turn the air on and off. The she left. Did she tell me when to turn it off? No. Luckily I know. Did she, or anyone else come to check I was ok, if it was helping, that I had done it right? No.

Haven’t mentioned in my blog earlier, but been having a problem getting drinks. For my first 2 days, someone came round with a trolley shortly after each meal was served to offer tea or coffee. This suddenly stopped, and no amount of telling/complaining to different people made any difference. I told the radiation man, who told the Staff nurse, who came and asked me why I hadn’t told her. Errr, I had, the day before.
Well, today things have come to ahead – after only being offered a cup of tea at breakfast time, and having to buzz and ask for one the rest of the time, It came to tea time, and I was quite hungry.
Following every other day I have been here, someone comes round about an hour before serving time with a menu, and takes my selection. In an evening, it’s approx 5pm when they come with the menu, and 6pm when we are served.
Tonight it got to just after 6pm, and no one had even been with a menu. As you can imagine, I was pretty hungry by now, so pressed my buzzer so I could ask what time meal time was (I don’t know, perhaps they have it late on a Sunday?!)
Pressed my buzzer and waited a while, and a lady popped her head round the door and barked “What do you want?”
Me – What time is supper time? (it says supper on the menus, so thought I would say that instead of the Northern ‘Tea)
Her – What?
Me – What time is supper time?
Her – What?
Me – [getting a bit annoyed] Food. What time is food time?
Her – Medicine?
Me – NO. Food, you know, eat.
Her [shouting] – you have to wait while we prepare it.
I started to tell her I hadn’t even seen a menu yet. She went and got a menu, and held it out (standing at the door, where I can’t even get near)
Her – Here. I come back for it.
Me – You can’t, once I have it, you can’t have it back
Her[shouting] – I CANT COME IN. (She can come in, only up to the barrier, like everyone else). TAKE IT.
Me – I can’t.
Her – I leave it here. [and put it down on the sink, that I’m not allowed to touch]
Me – Can you get a nurse please, I’m not happy.
Her [storms out of the room and begins to shout] – ROOM 10. SHE SHOUTING. I CAN’T DO 2 THINGS AT ONCE.

Honestly, I’ve never encountered anyone who works in a hospital to be so hostile! I’ve been nothing but polite to the people who have brought me food and drink, but if she comes near me again, there won’t be a ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ in sight!

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  1. I have only glanced at a couple of your blog entries but this is so annoying. It should be part of a training manual.