My History

I've been wanting to write a blog about my experiences for a while, but never did get around to it.
I've finally decided to sit down and sort it all out, so i'll start at the beginning, and add some blog entries from my diary.
Apologies if some entries are long, and also written in different tenses - it depends when I actually wrote them!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Day +4 (30th January) to Day +13 (Tuesday 8th February)

Day +4
Didn't feel too bad until anti sickness was given - I had a funny turn, was dizzy/light headed/slurring words. Not having that one again! It really knocked me for the rest of the day. Managed to eat, but not good on drinking. Shelley and Mark came.

HB - 9.3
White - 0.1
Neutrophils - 0.1

Day +5
Woke up early - up for 10am. Sick by 10:10am but ate straight afterwards.
BBC Northwest Tonight phoned - wanting an update and another interview, but I said not yet - i'm definitely not up to it, plus I don't feel confident in my looks. He asked if I could phone when I am up to it.
Saw Dr....he was quite happy with me.
Have been asked to keep a food/drink chart so they can see how many calories i'm having.

HB - 9.6
Platelets - 73
White - 0.0
Neutrophils - 0.0

Day +6 (My Birthday)
Birthday, but not well. Slept all day!
Mum and Mike came with my cards which I opened, then went back to bed and slept the whle time.
Only had tea today, throat quite sore.

HB - 9.2
White - 0.0
Neutrophils - 0.0

Day +7
Feeling better today. Managed to eat breakfast and have a drink.
Throat not as sore. Dr says i'm doing ok.

HB - 9
White - 0.1
Neutrophils - 0.0

Day +8

HB - 8.1
Platelets - 11
White - 0.0
Neutrophils - 0.0

Day +9
Had platelets as I had a low count. Feel like shit - so tired. No visitors.

HB - 9.2
Platelets - 10
White - 0.0
Neutrophils - 0.0

Day +10
Low o2 in the morning so put on oxygen for an hour.
Had a bag of blood as my HB was low this morning.
Mum came to visit. Mike not well :(

HB - 7.8
Platelets - 64
White - 0.0
Neutrophils - 0.0

Day +11
Low o2 in the morning again (3am) so put on oxygen for a few hours.
Had another bag of blood.
Little Heather and Liam came to visit am, then Shelley and Mark came pm.

HB - 8.8
Platelets - 65
White - 0.0
Neutrophils - 0.0

Day +12
Slept ok last night. Suspected chest/lung infection so went for an x-ray in afternoon, had to wear a mask when wheeled down the corridor.
Doc said i'm having problems getting rid of fluid due to the fact I had radiotherapy on my chest in the past. Not sure how that works, but obviously is does.
Mel visited and pampered my feet.
Drank more today.
Am in agony with the fluid in my back (started on Sunday). The skin is VERY tight and sore, it hurts to lean on things when I sit or lie down, but when I stand up it hurts even more as the skin stretches too much.
Took tablet that makes you pee, and am peeing loads, but not loosing any of the weight i've put on (approx 1 stone of fluid)
I'm comfy when in the shower, so had a shower to try and ease it a little, although the pain returns too quickly.

HB - 9.9
Platelets - 92
White - 0.3
Neutrophils - 0.1

Day +13
Saw Dr - said I don't need antibiotics at the moment, although they will keep their eyes on me.
Weight still up and fluid still bad.
Eating and drinking a lot better.
Had a foot massage by complementary therapist - was lovely and fluid went, but came back!
Mum came afternoon and stayed till evening. Had a shower then went to bed as pain in back very bad.

HB - 10.5
Platelets - 118
White - 0.3
Neutrophils - 0.3

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  1. One day at a time, seek to laugh, enjoy the small victories. Search for the true Light for in it is strength for each day.