My History

I've been wanting to write a blog about my experiences for a while, but never did get around to it.
I've finally decided to sit down and sort it all out, so i'll start at the beginning, and add some blog entries from my diary.
Apologies if some entries are long, and also written in different tenses - it depends when I actually wrote them!

Friday, 12 March 2010

A small update....

I went down to the Christie today, and saw one of the main doctors. (Kim)
She agreed it's time they intervened, and they have decided I will be having Vinblastine every 2 weeks, until I get accepted on the trial - then I will stop, and have to be off chemo for a month before I start the trial.
I start next Wednesday.
I've had this drug before, 8 years ago when I first had chemo, but never on it's own.
I've also been put onto steroids again.

I've got multiple new tumours in my neck (both above and below the original ones), and a new one under my arm, just below the original one.
The original one under my arm has grown.
Not sure about the ones in my chest, as they didn't do an x-ray.


  1. My Church here in USA is still praying for you. May God be with you and give you strength as you wait for decisions to be made.

  2. Hey Hev, been reading your blog hun, stay strong and i really do promise that once i get back from London and Ian has a day off i am gonna come over and see you
    thinking of you all the tiem